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Paper clip is a charm. Created by simply bending a metal string in the right way, a paper clip serves big time. This becomes the spirit for

our project. We work with simple technique on raw materials.


Kerf is our tool to turn a sketch into a an architectural project that will bring new perspectives to visitors that take banal waiting facilities

for granted. Kerfing helps

create desired shape on structural members. We then manipulated the panels clipped to fix the final form and creating performing

apertures along the continuous surface.







Structural analysis with Strand


Before fabrication, we ran Strand Analysis on various sizes of kerfed wood modules to evaluate the bending ranges and material strength as a way to calibrate back and forth with the physical models for accurate fabrications.

Boarding area

Open-air waiting area

Main waiting area










Global Shape:

The final shape was developed with the intention of covering a pathway along the whole dock. This route flows through a set of different instances and enclosures. Walls, roofs and furniture are some of the main features that the pedestrian interact with a the moment of make the route at the embarkation.




As is showed in the radiance map, the solar irradiation within the

shaded areas on the dock was halved compared with the same area

without shading. It is more comfortable to naked eyes, and proved to

have an appropriate illumination and contrast.





The separation of a single surface can be used as a entrance for the users and at the same time change the geometrical configuration of the final arrangement.





The disposition of sitting area at the skirt of the surface is part of the main idea of this weaving system along the ribs.

The panels perform in a way that create horizontal stability wrapping two or more ribs at the same time as well creating gathering areas.




Shading and shadows:

Playing with necessity of shadows and enclosures is managed by the panels. The separation increase the possibility of less permeability and more transparency in areas where is needed.

About the Company

We make design focusing on bridging available local building materials and emergent technology to express individual identity of each projects.

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