Anhe Office

Location: Taipei, Taiwan

Completion: 2017

Budget: NTD. 700,000


Golden Pin design Award


 German design Award 2019

德國設計獎 2019

Asia Design Prize 2018

亞洲設計獎 2018

A'Design Award Bronze  2018

義大利A'Design設計獎 銅獎2018




特別調製的白色加上俐落的陳設,讓空間中有視覺延伸的效果,亦有助工作時精神的提升與專注。白色的完成面底下 ,我們投入密集的設計與製作來形成空間中的元素 :實木特殊裁切的地板,特殊金屬網面的隔間與門片,慎選材料澆灌而出的白色水泥流理檯面,數位網點雷射切割logo的金屬隔屏,讓燈火通明的工作室成為自己最顯著的招牌。再輔以特別挑選的白色活動書架與配件。白色的驚艷來自對細節及工藝貫徹的堅持。


Our modest site(60sqm) is located on the second floor of one of the many identical townhouses in Taipei city. So banal the building as well as its interior space that it became a challenge to design an office space with its own unique identity.


To further inspire the creative people working there, our approach is to let white wash over the whole interior. Not as simple as it sounds, white finish can be achieved by millions of ways, and we picked up the tough one to go ahead. Under the white finish are elements we designed for the space, and most of them came with unique design and make approach.


Although compact with rather limited programs inside, various design details can be found in a hand cast white concrete bar counter, fabricated fine metal mesh screen and door panels, solid pine parquet forming interesting graphic and precise assembly of perforated front screen serving energy saving purpose with an eye-catching logo.

All these under a calm and inspiring sheet of white wash, which conveys our pursue of consistency and concise design language.


The lighting solution adds the vibrant to this simple rectangular open space by using arranged light tubes. which are visible from the outside of the window as a signage of the firm's logo.


This white sleek office space is a testimony for a budget and chic work place. We wanted to use the characteristics of common materials and de-texturized them by painting it all white to create a harmonized ambient environment curated by the light only.


Flooring is arranged with budget industrial wooden planks with very minimal treatments but interesting pattern for a dynamic visual experience.

Mobile bookshelves serve certain function to organize books and for easier references to individual workstation.

Along with lacquered wood finish in white, painted recycled rebars,  terrazzo counter top and concrete walls and flooring are all rendered under the same color scheme. A space featuring rich materiality with coherence has been a goal for this project.

In related to the porous front screen, a different metal mesh is applied for partitions and door panel, which gives desired opaqueness and translucency. Along with the whiteness from paint and materials themselves, the refraction from various light sources gives the white different depth.

Diagonal wooden flooring.

Phoebe SaysWow, PSW character lighting stripes.

About the Company

We make design focusing on bridging available local building materials and emergent technology to express individual identity of each projects.

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