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The Midtown Hotel Inn. was built in 1960 on Huntington Avenue

in Boston. The architecture of Midtown Hotel is very simple with

two floors of interior space above the half-risen parking level.

The building is 26' high, 100' wide and 400' long with three

square courtyards.


My intervention for Midtown Hotel began with the sharing wall

between the rooms.This was inspirated by Paul Auster’s novel

(Ghost in New York Trilogy), it explored the loneliness of modrn

people and how people need to be watched.


As a confirmation of our existence

Encounter of swimmers

Encounter between guests in the rooms

Encounter in the courtyard

Encounter of cars/ drivers





    Swimming Pool- Additional glass evelope on the rooftop encloses the

swimming pool. The roof hight is relatively low in order to emphasize

the tension in the middle, also creates a force to draw people into the

swimming pool.














     Courtyard - This cramped courtyard is where most of the

encounters happen.

    Screen Wall- The screen wall in the corridor features interactive media

allows guests to inteact in different rooms. The projectors will play the

recording film from each guestroom with total control upon the guests.

     Hotel restaurant - Self-service restauant is another version of the famous

auto-mat, this space is also desinged to be very tight with tables and sittings

on the sides to create an awkwardly interesting social realm.



In the guestroom,  the ceramic-eye-tile on the wall and floor clearly distinguished

the safe zone. Outside the safe-zone, different encounters are being manipulated

through our five senses.


Solid & voild/ Sharing wall & Furniture

Safe Zone/ Eyes Tiles

 Voice recorder/ record and play radomly from outside the rooms

Camera/ to catch the blur movement in the room

Glass elevator

Manikins(work as clothes hangers)

About the Company

We make design focusing on bridging available local building materials and emergent technology to express individual identity of each projects.

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