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Physicalizing the Virtual World

-the perception and conception of a physical space to the cyberspace.


This project will explore how a design can regain or bring together the physical closeness and interaction of people that has been long gone since the prevailing use

of cyber communication tools, the internet, When people do certain activity alone, we tend to lose the sense of belonging. Heavily using internet also leads to the isolation

of individuals physically. Designing a space to physically joining internet users and reinforcing the awareness of each other will not only offer a solution to the negative effect but also create an opportunity to observe cyber world through physical spaces.


This study will focus on developing conceptual ideas of the closeness and openness of an actual space as a reinterpretation of a virtual world. The space will create the spatial quality for specific community who work or spend a lot of time in the

cyberspace, and reveal different level of privacy in the public space.  For example, certain people tend to work their own things in a public space like a coffee house instead of staying home alone, which brings out an interesting psychological issue towards the influence of exposing individual to the mass public.








*Do you stay on line longer than you intended?

 *Do you call in sick to work, skip class, go to bed late or wake up early to use

the internet?

*Do you experience withdrawal symptons (increased depression, moodiness

or ansiety) when you are offline?

*Have you given up recreational, social or occupational activities becasue of

the internet?

-Encyclopedia of Internet addiction disorder

A transitional space in between the gaps of the city as a medium between the

cyberspace and the real world.


Transforming the virtual social media into physical world, reinforcing the actual

physical interaction among the users and re-activate the social life of otaku.




Transforming the existing social network from cyberspace like internet chat room or forum

to physical space, a space to exhibit Otaku’s activities and create an partial interaction

through visual contact and the built-in network that only shared by people in the space.

















A place for Otaku community to meet and hang out in the physical space, with different

level of openness in the space which enforces the physical contact with others.


















Enhancing the interaction among Otaku’s by designing

an installation in a busy spot, a coffee house, in the city

where strangers encounter. The installation will physically

interact between uers.


About the Company

We make design focusing on bridging available local building materials and emergent technology to express individual identity of each projects.

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