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" Step Well " health center + step well water plaza for the Wayuus


This center should be a celebration of the wisdom, culture and self-sustainability of the Wayuu people. The project is aiming to provide a sense of security as well as belongings. Step well plaza collects decent amount of controllable water from a few torrential rains through a year. The health center will be integrated to the design of the well. The health center will also hold sessions of personal healthcare.














Weaving, a parti as well as construction techniques, will form a step well providing a stable water source and a health center to improve the healthcare of local indigenous population. The water well plaza will hold rituals and festivals which draw these indigenous people together and remind them their legacy. The design reveals the process of collecting, channeling, and storing water and also engages new ground condition to create more spatial possibilities. Available local materials will then be applied and maintained by the Wayuus.




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We make design focusing on bridging available local building materials and emergent technology to express individual identity of each projects.

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