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Site: To renovate an existing Meat Market into a

contemporary exhibition space, and  using lighting as a

main element.

Concept: I want to bring out the confliction between the

existing meat market and the new gallery, as well as to

create a series of EXPERIENCE through this transion.



Showroom - Storefront - Inaccessible

Exhibition - Courtyard - Accessible



A. The store is inaccessible from the street, which

intrigues people’s  to come in.

B. The only access to the gallery is behind and through

the meatmaket.


To use light as a main charater in this gallery in order to

fulfill the need for daylight in Scandinavian area. I try to

shape the fixture to capture the movement of the light.

The cones penetrate the ceiling work as light devices

to catch the nature light and reshape it with artificial light.



In the gallery, the lighting device is pointing at different directions

featuring artificial light, the artworks are hung from the ceiling in order

to create an unrestricted access for the viewers.






About the Company

We make design focusing on bridging available local building materials and emergent technology to express individual identity of each projects.

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