Concrete Bench
Contractor: 磐粹設計/Petrichor Design
Completion: 2022

About Concrete Bench in Pantone Red River Clay

In the Mellow House, we created a sculptural furniture piece to be featured along an 8-meter-long wall. Though concrete often gives impression of being cold and rough, in this furniture project however, we chose the material for its fascinating unique quality for castability and texture. UHPC cement mix was used to give extra strength over its long span as well as weight reduction. Molding technique was improved to allow precise assembly.

Made to function with a sculptural interpretation, this 6-meter-long custom bench was precisely prefabricated in the workshop and assembled on site, to be featured in the living room. In the workshop, we had formulated over 100 color samples to find the shade to go with our existing interior. Variables of water ratio and cement types were being tested meticulously. The process was quite a challenge in order to pursue the right pigmenting formula for a desired and consistent result to present a serene yet articulated design.